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Heidelberg Alumni International - Die Ehemaligen der Ruprecht-Karls-Universität (Ex-Students from Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg Association)



Avv. Raffaele Arena attended his Law studies in the University of Messina.

In the following period of his legal training, he collaborated with renowned international law firms in Italy and Germany.

During his legal education, in the year 1990, he joined a specialisation course at the Faculty of Law of the University in Ferrara regarding the German law and the field of trade and international private law relations between Germany and Italy, with particular regard to the contract of sale.

In the year 1991 he attended an 'International Trade Law Post-Graduate Course' at the Institute of European Studies in the University of Turin.

In the year 1992 he was admitted to practice as Lawyer before the District Appeal Court of Messina.

In the year 1994 he got with marks 'Prädikatexamen' (marks of particular honour) the Academic Graduation of LL.M. (Master of Laws) at the University of Heidelberg, under patronage of Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Mult. Erik Jayme, LL.M., with a thesis on a subject of international private law: 'Formwirksamkeit von Verträgen im deutsch-italienischen Rechtsverkehr' (The form effectiveness of contracts in law relations between Germany and Italy).

In the year 1999 he obtained the admission in 'Oberlandesgerichtsbezirk München' (District Appeal Court of Munich) as Lawyer in Germany.

In the year 2001 he got the access as 'European Lawyer' in accordance with the German legislation EuRAG (the Bar Act of the European Lawyers in Germany) in the same district appeal court of Munich.

Avv. Raffaele Arena carries out professional activities in close cooperation with the Colleague Rechtsanwalt Jürgen Strampp, Schertlinstraße, 29, D-86150 Augsburg, Tel .: 0821/71 06 15 10, Fax: 0821/71 06 15 11, Web:, ensuring an efficient and competent legal assistance with a direct representation of the client before the German Courts.

Avv. Raffaele Arena was also registered in the roll of the German-speaking Lawyers held by the General German Consulate of Naples and the Honorary German Consulate of Messina.

He was also registered in the roll of the German-speaking Lawyers held by the Italo-German Chamber of Commerce of Milan.

Avv. Raffaele Arena was also enrolled in the lists of the Federal Agency for Foreign Trade, Service Centre of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour as a German-speaking lawyer as well as a representative of the German enterprises in Italy.

Additionally the Law Firm, as being active in the area of the Italo-German juridical relations, was suggested as an Italian Training Centre for German jurists, trainees and referendars in the register of the Association of Cultural Exchanges between Italian and German Jurists, whose General Secretary’s Office is at the Bochum University.  Many young German practitioners have thus had the opportunity to do an internship in the study, learning useful information on the Italian legal system.

In the year 2010, in the 26th July edition was published on “Italia Oggi” a well-known italian newspaper of economics, justice and politics, an interview to the Avv. Arena, in an article dedicated to lawyers who achieve double qualification in two different legal systems. Read Article

At the following web address: one of the articles published by Avv. Arena on the thema of international inheritance law entitled: succession mortis causa in Italian private international law.

The Firm carries out legal consultancy and assistance in favour of national and foreign subjects, individuals or companies, with legal interests to be protected in Italy or abroad, in the field of civil and commercial law, italian and international private.

In the field of the international private law, the activity is mainly expressed on the international inheritance law. In particular, the legal cases that are dealt with concern cases of inheritance division and the consequent allocation of related assets, such as the subsequent sale of assets or real estate assets

Through a vast network of correspondents, extended to both EU and non-EU countries, the Firm is able to offer legal assistance in the broader international scene.